Having a place to call your home is one of the greatest joys. This comes with tough financial decisions and going into it without experience can be a hassle with all there is to deal with from making decisions regarding the best time to get a home to pre-qualifications, mortgage applications and approvals.

Expert mortgage lenders like Anew Lending Mortgage can make this an easier process from start to finish. They assess your unique financial situation and property needs to provide expert guidance, advice and help you make informed financial decisions.

When Is The Best Time To Purchase a New Home?

Depending on several factors like inventory and purchase prices, the different seasons of the year may affect the real estate market in different ways.


This may be the cheapest time of the year to purchase a home although inventory may be much more limited than normal. Sellers who list during winter almost always want to sell off quickly and real estate agents may be more open to negotiating closing costs and commissions.


This is a hot time of the year for real estate purchases. The prices are higher although the inventory is much more, you may also find yourself in competition over houses with other buyers.


This is also a busy time of the year for real estate purchases since houses are still on the market. The competition is high as well since sellers are looking for serious buyers who can close the deal quickly.


This is the most ideal time to purchase a home especially if your finances are limited. Sellers are more motivated to sell quickly due to a decline in buyers and are more likely to lower their prices. Although, inventory may also be limited like in the winter.

Where to Get the Best Mortgage Lenders in Elk Grove, CA

If you’re looking to purchase a new home or property, getting the right mortgage lenders can help push your process along making it quick and stress-free.

Anew Lending Mortgage is your go-to option in and around Elk Grove, CA. They are full-service direct lenders with relevant experience and top-of-the-scale knowledge on the residential mortgage process. They are dedicated to seeing your home purchase dream come true seamlessly, as quickly as possible.

To speak to an expert mortgage lender at Anew Lending about your unique situation, visit their website or call 916 226 9991

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