The end of the year is upon us, and while others may be shopping for decorations and presents – you want to be shopping for a house. The end of the year isn’t known as the best time to dive into the real estate market; things are different this time. And it may be unwise to postpone your home buying decision.

Demand for homes has been rising all through the year, and inventory is low. The stiff competition for the few available homes has driven up prices, with sellers quoting higher than property valuations.

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Why You Should Buy a Home Now!

Low Mortgage Rates:

One key reason why the market is booming is due to the low mortgage rates. The lower your rates, the less you will pay on your mortgage each month. 

Whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing, the historically low mortgage rates will help you finance your home for less.

The Housing markets in Sacramento are changing quickly so now is a good time to make that purchase. While the changes may be due to the coronavirus, there’s no saying when it will be stable. Prices may have blown out of reach by this time next year.

Seasonal lull

With autumn comes a seasonal cooling period for homebuyers. With many children back in school, most parents who are in the market for a new home will be less willing to disrupt their children’s education. Instead, they’ll wait till next year to jump into the fray. Now is the best time to make your move. Bearing in mind that prices are being driven up by excessive demand, you want to leverage the end-of-year lull before the New Year rush begins.

But if you will purchase a house, it’s essential to seek the best rates in the market. Fortunately, we have the right lender for you. 

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Anew Lending Mortgage to the Rescue

Anew Lending Mortgage of Elk Grove is a leading residential mortgage lender that offers homebuyers and commercial mortgages in California. The company specializes in loans for home purchase and refinancing and is dedicated to helping you get your dream home. Their team of brokers will analyze your unique needs and the budget to help decide the best mortgage plan for you.

Don’t hold back. Start your home shopping today and contact Anew lending for a new lending experience. You can speak to an expert at Anew Lending on 916-226-9991 or visit their website to make an appointment and get a pre-approval. 

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